November 9-15, 2020

Restaurant/Food Vendors

Restaurants have the opportunity to showcase their products at Taste of Savannah on Saturday, November 14, 2020. To sign up to participate please fill out the application form below. All applications are subject to approval from our SFWF jury selection process.

In addition, a number of sponsorship opportunities exist for companies to achieve a higher profile for their products. For more information on the opportunities available please contact:

Jan Gourley, Festival Director at: or

Kelly Smith, Assistant Festival Director at:

Current Restaurant Vendor Schedule:

–  November 9-15, 2020:  SFWF certified restaurant wine dinners

–  Saturday, November 14, 2020:  Taste of Savannah: open event to local and out of market restaurants

Taste of Savannah: The festival will again continue the program of changes incorporated last year, making it much easier and more affordable for restaurants to participate in the Taste of Savannah. There will not be a booth fee for restaurants to participate, each invited and/or selected participating restaurant will only be responsible for submitting their approved health department application by September 25, 2020.

The festival will again be utilizing food coins, with partner restaurant revenue sharing, 75% for the restaurant partner and the festival receiving 25%, which helps cover the event’s equipment and production costs. Restaurant applicants must be first approved by the Taste of Savannah restaurant committee and applications must be submitted to the festival on or before September 18, 2020.

With our location at the Georgia State Railroad Museum the festival is able to provide some larger culinary tasting tents, with restaurant tasting tables along with individual 10′ x 10′ booths. All approved restaurant partners will immediately be included on the Savannah Food & Wine Festival’s website as part of the Taste of Savannah’s featured restaurants.

Application Cost:  $65

Key Dates:

  • September 18, 2020 – Submission Deadline
  • September 25, 2020 – Health Department Application Deadline, submitted to the Festival (application is available for download by clicking the button above).

For any questions contact:

Restaurant Competition

The festival will again present our Restaurant Competition featuring the following Categories:

  • Best Overall Taste
  • Best Sweet Taste
  • Best Savory Taste
  • Best Culinary Presentation
  • Best Booth Presentation

Restaurants may submit one savory tasting and one sweet tasting for judging. With pre-baked items, you do not need to add anything to the health department license. (As of today, we are only expecting a few submissions into the sweet category. If you are able to diversify your offerings with a pre-baked sweet item, you increase your odds of taking home trophy!)

Judging will take place at 1 PM – restaurants that have not been certified by the Health Department at this time will be unable to participate.

The competition will be evaluated according to the PDF link below.

Other Restaurant Event Opportunities

Wine Dinners

The festival will be promoting special event oriented wine dinners happening during the festival and will no longer be managing any wine dinners taking place at local restaurants in Savannah. The festival will be featuring approved restaurant partner wine dinners taking place during the festival, at no charge on the festival’s website, as long as the restaurant is in some way a partner with the festival (participating restaurant in a festival event or local chef demo, Taste of Savannah partner, host venue, etc.). In order to be listed on our landing page, the wine dinner information must be submitted to the festival before October 1, 2020.